Saturday, April 29, 2006


I'd set the alarm for 5.15am but am awake and only slumbering from about 4.30 so get up at 5 anyway. At 6.20 I ring to check that the taxi is on its way. I am assured it will be there in five minutes. It arrives about twelve minutes later.

We are dropped off at Stockport station. Although I'm sure the meter is reading £9, the driver tells us the fare is £19. He says it is double-fare before 7am. I later learn that night-time rate ends at 6am and even then the fare is only one and a third!

Nonetheless we find our way into the station and are directed to platform 2. A couple of trains come and go and then the screen shows our special train as due in next. It is running 15 minutes late.

It actually arrives 25 minutes late and pulls into platform 1. The attendants get the ramp out and Christine boards the train. The door to the carriage doesn't retract fully and it is a bit of a squeeze to get her chair through.

At least she is facing forward.

By the time the train pulls out of Stockport it is running 34 minutes late. There are two more pick-up points, Altrincham and Knutsford. By now the train is 45 minutes behind schedule.

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Blogger Ashtonian said...

You should report the taxi firm and driver to the Better Business Bureau

Thu Sep 04, 05:02:00 pm GMT  

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