Saturday, April 29, 2006

via Chester to Shrewsbury

Having picked everyone up, the train heads through the Delamere Forest towards Chester.

The buffet is now open. However, there is a problem. The boiler isn't working. It seems there is enough hot water in the trolley to make tea and coffee.

I set off down the train towards the buffet. There is a big queue for the tea and coffee by the trolley. Rather than wait in that queue I just order two bacon butties. We've brought some cans of diet-Pepsi for Christine to drink and some bottled water, so can manage without a hot drink for the time being. The bacon butties are delicious.

I notice that a number of people who have been on these trips before have come prepared with picnic hampers and flasks.

At 9.15 we arrive in Chester, though not at a platform. We leave at 9.38 travelling out past the Roodee. On the outskirts of town, a fox peeps out from some trees.

As we travel through Wrexham, Ruabon and Gobowen, we notice that all the cows in the fields are lying down.

By now the trolly has used up its hot water and no hot drinks are available. We are told that members of the relief crew boarding at Craven Arms have been instructed to purchase three electric kettles!

We pull into Shrewsbury at 10.20.

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Blogger Ashtonian said...

You make my mouth water at the mere mention of bacon butties.

I'm one of the few Englishmen in Los Angeles that is fortunate enough to get my weekly bacon buttie from my Lancashire Lass wife Jean

Thu Sep 04, 05:05:00 pm GMT  

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